Skena up
International students
film & theatre festival

12th Edition
02––07 December

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SKENA UP Festival
P.O. BOX 39
Tel: +386 49 225 100

Founded in October 2003 by a group of students and young artists, SKENA UP is the NGO that organises the International Students’ Film and Theatre Festival in Kosova. SKENA UP Festival is unique not only in Kosova, but also in the wider Balkan region, by being one of the few ‘in competition’ festivals dedicated to film and theatre students.

SKENA UP Festival has two key missions, that both aim to overcome the weak institutional support offered to film and theatre students across the Balkans. First, we provide a suitable forum for students to present their work to the public, thereby building a crucial link in the chain of artistic creation: interaction with and feedback from the audience. Second, by bringing together peers from all over the world and introducing students to internationally renowned directors, producers, writers and actors, we facilitate their access to an artistic network invaluable for their future careers.

Thus, SKENA UP aims to promote artistic and professional values in Kosova, as well as partnership and artistic commitment between Kosova and other countries in the world. In addition, by bringing together young artists from all the various countries of the Balkans, SKENA UP makes a modest, but valuable, contribution towards promoting inter-ethnic understanding and reconciliation in the region.

Establishing Regional Network of Cooperation between Theatre and Film Students and Teachers

The project aims to support and create a network of Students and Teachers Theatre and film associations that promote students and young artists in the Southern Europe-Balkans (Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania, Croatia, B&H, Montenegro and Serbia) through comprehensive network and capacity building.

Through this project, SKENA UP will lead towards achieving a comprehensive network that improves the capacity of student’s theater and film NGOs, associations and schools in coalition building and capacity building, and Improve already existing cooperation between some of the partners by constituting a formal and unique Network of cooperation, Support joint projects of students and teachers Theatre and Film programs through NGOs, associations and Festivals from across Balkans through conferences, debates and training seminars and Strengthening the capacity of the Kosovo implementing partner – SKENA UP Festival as a Focal point for Regional Artistic civil society initiatives.


The project consists of the following main activities:

Organizing Training seminars for representatives of network member organizations in fundraising, sustainability and coalition building/networking to be held during SKENA UP Festival in November 2008.
A joint Conference on assessing the needs of cooperation between actors involved to be organized during SKENA UP Festival in November 2008 - bringing together network members with Festival participants to enhance the engagement with students and teachers of theater and film, civil society organizations and facilitate artist’s access to the policymaking processes.  
Establishment of regional network of cooperation between Theatre and film students and teachers that includes development of the network’s mission, structure, leadership, etc.

SKENA UP festival was established as an International Students Theatre and Film Festival and has been supporting the work of young artists, respectively students of theatre and film mainly from the region since 2002.
Over 100 groups of students from all over the world participated in 5 editions organized through the support of donors, volunteers, schools and SKENA UP staff. Therefore, considering extensive contacts and cooperation SKENA UP will have a leading manager role on establishing the network and capacity building activities. The experience gained so far will allow SKENA UP to have flexible regional cooperation, mechanisms and develop clear partnerships in the Region.

Festival Team 2012

Arben Zharku

Hana Qena

Bardhi Haliti

Vesa Qena

Getoarbe Mulliqi

Valon Bajgora

Zana Elshani

Rozafa Maliqi

Astrit Ismajli

Bernd Buder

Marcel Maiga

Jajush Ramadani

Skender Latifi

Ron Krasniqi

Ben Visser

Vera Plot

Sanne Nouws

Susanne Visser

Thomas Lamers

Lulzim Rexha

Dea Venhari

Valona Cakulli

Visar Sherifi

Glauk Tahiri

Another 50 volunteers…



SKENA UP Festival

P.O. BOX 39 10000

Prishtina, Kosovo


Tel: +37745568056; 45522206 ; +38649225206